Good Morning Brownie Crunch,

I am writing you to share my thoughts. So for a New Years Resolution, I've decided to share my love with those I love... well you've made the list! I love your Brownie Crunch. I mean lets get serious, first off I have never had a snack like you, you are hands down the best! There are lots of snacks these days to choose from but awesome! It tastes so good and so flavorful. I think mint chocolate is my fave, I have yet to try your spicy ones but let me tell ya I m very very interested and I am now on a total mission to find 'em. I am going to Whole Foods to skim the shelves and see what else of yours they got. As you said in your online story your spicy one and a cocktail or a beer, could very well go great together! You guys are great!

Keep up the great job! I wish you a Happy and successful New Year!

VB, Little Ferry, NJ